Business IP PBX systems in Charlotte, USA

Built on generations of communications and engineering expertise, BroadConnect offers innovative solutions in IP Telephony, with VoIP enabled IP PBX Systems. Regardless of the specific needs of your business, BroadConnect has a solution that will save time and money. BroadConnect operates their own private network, meaning that VoIP service is always secure and of the highest call quality available.

What You Need to Know About the PBX Systems


Traditional PBX systems for small to medium-sized businesses are quickly becoming outdated. There exists between traditional PBX and Unified Communications systems that make use of an IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange).

A Traditional On-Site Small Business PBX in Charlotte, USA


Previously, a PBX would need an entire telephone switching device strong enough to handle incoming and outgoing calls at the same time. In this scenario, the PBX would be connected directly to the public telephone system (PSTN) that would regulate incoming calls and send them to the right extensions. Most SMB PBX systems have both internal as well as external telephone lines, a computerized server with the capacity to manage call diversion and routing along with a console for manual adjustments.

IP-based PBX for Business Usage in Charlotte


Operationally, an IP PBX can perform all the functions that a regular PBX can accomplish and so much more. Functioning as a false-hybrid system, an IP-PBX can be VoIP enabled while directing normal landline voice calls.

Today’s businesses need more robust features that can support their particular system. At BroadConnect we provide Unified Communication services that meet the needs of small and midsized businesses; bringing together the flexibility of an IP-PBX with dynamic wireless features that regular telephone systems cannot offer. A good example of this is the Avaya IP Office system.

The use of IP for voice communications goes beyond the clear cost reward. It is easily expandable as long as you have sufficient bandwidth because there is no need for new hardware to be installed.

Alternative to IP PBX Systems


BroadConnect presents small to midsize businesses with greater access to communication features and business phone systems. Unlike premise-based PBX systems, Hosted PBX solutions excel in terms of flexibility, cost, and capabilities. They also save space and resources at your business location because all of the major equipment is housed at the BroadConnect data center.