VOIP hardware Providers in Charlotte, USA

BroadConnect has partnered with leading manufacturers of IP desk phones and other communications hardware and is pleased to offer an inclusive inventory of IP phones and conferencing equipment capable of meeting the unique requirements of every business.

In addition to technical information regarding phone services and system options, our expert sales team is also experienced in delivering sound advice on the selection of hardware best suited for your business. Options may include business phones, wireless IP phones, VoIP telecommunications systems, virtual conference phones, video phones, VoIP hardware and any other IP phones hardware related questions that you might have.

We are pleased to offer you feature-rich and customizable hardware and phone systems from innovative manufacturers such as Polycom, Avaya, Cisco, etc. Each of the systems we sell come complete with setup guides, CRM integration options, and best in class warranties to ensure that you are fully satisfied.

With BroadConnect, you have a variety of phones designed to suit every office set up or requirement – It could be the manager, assistant manager, salesmen, dispatcher or for general office use in Charlotte. If you need phone solutions in bulk, we are happy to present you with unbeatable wholesale offers to meet your needs.

BroadConnect Desk Phones

BroadConnect offers a wide selection of IP phones, from the leading manufacturers with the aim of offering HD voice capabilities with unmatched clarity. We offer modern desk phones bundled with advanced features for efficient business communications.

Wireless IP Phones

For an office premise with an existing wireless data network, wireless VoIP phones are of great benefit. With wireless IP phones, workers can use the company communication system with multiple mobile devices.

Video Phones

With video conferencing technology business enterprises can communicate more effectively and work together as a team due to collaborated efforts. This technology is affordable and all business should think of incorporating it as a means of effective communication.

Conference Phones

Conference phones break the barrier and you can easily communicate with your colleagues, mobile workers and vendors on a global scale. At BroadConnect, we offer a wide selection of hands-free and modern conferencing solutions to heighten your overall experience.