Benefits of a Mobile VoIP system in Charlotte, USA

SThe Power to Collaborate, Innovate & be Productive while on the GO

Recent studies have indicated that in 2014 nearly 80% of all professionals will utilize at least two mobile devices to access company data and systems. If your business is like most, you are likely struggling to find ways to effectively balance your employees’ demands to use their own mobile devices while maintaining complete control over your corporate data.

BroadConnect provides mobile VoIP apps capable of integrating your corporate VoIP services with any smartphone, laptop or mobile device. We offer a secure BYOD solution, for businesses in Charlotte, that will regulate IP telephony across the business and also present your workforce with the mobile unified communications services they need to work efficiently.

Benefits to Your Business

Integrating a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ solution into your workplace in Charlotte will greatly reduce the challenges and expenses of mobile device management.  Additional benefits include:

  • The combination of business-related voice usage under a single plan and invoice
  • The improvement of business continuity plans by managing communications in the Cloud, rather than using premise-based equipment
  • An enriched user experience for business-wide Unified Communications
  • Increased employee productivity and morale

Benefits for your Employees

Allowing your employees to use their own devices to access the corporate VoIP system means they can take their office with them wherever they go and benefit from the following features:

  • Find Me – Follow Me applications
  • Unique Presence, IM and video services
  • Free on-net, local and inbound calling
  • Long distance calls are included in the company plan and do not affect their own personal cell minutes or billing structure

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