Cloud-Based System in Charlotte, USA

BroadConnect Telecom offers a revolutionary cloud-based telephony system that is cost effective and also an invaluable tool for businesses seeking a competitive advantage. A cloud based telephone system present businesses with better flexibility by using their existing infrastructure and communication platform. There are significant benefits to cloud migration, such as budget optimization because the majority of the maintenance and phone equipment is managed offsite at the BroadConnect Data Center.

The VoIP phone system is the communications platform for modern business. Unified Communications from BroadConnect will offer the power of VoIP combined with a secure network. Not only is the technology virtually future proof, it is also extremely cost efficient when compared to conventional systems. BroadConnect engineers and supports cloud phone systems, offering consistent service quality over North America’s largest and most secure private data network.

cloud based phone systemsFive Major Benefits of Using a Cloud-Based Phone System in Business


When looking for added value for your Charlotte area business, cloud-based phone systems are a good place to start. The greatest benefits to any business when switching to this system include:

  1. Budget Optimization – One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is the inability to manage the budget of their internal IT department. Even the smallest problem in a phone system that has a hardware-based phone can cause quite a large deficit in time and money for the company. Especially for a business that must close operations to accommodate technician repair time. In a Cloud scenario, the phone system  is housed off-site and is transmitted virtually from a BroadConnect to the business. If a business is looking to keep hardware costs low, a Cloud service is beneficial to them as it also reduces service charges, ongoing call costs, and other expenses that may be linked to hardware-based telephone systems. In nearly all situations, the entirety of the Hosted VoIP phone system will be modified, managed, and repaired remotely. This means that business will not have to halt operations because of communication downtime.
  1. Effortless Migration – A feature that will draw people to a cloud-based telephone system is the ease of implementation. Since there is no hardware that needs to be installed or maintained with this type of system, almost all businesses can move over to a cloud system with minimal effort.
  1. Minimal Downtime – One of the best advantages of accessing the entire business phone system in the Cloud is the maximum up-time. This means you will rarely, if ever, have problems with a system failure, dropped calls, latency, network problems, etc. Cloud technology has transformed and made possible reliable and smooth communications over all locations.
  1. Cloud Based Systems Scale with the Business – Cloud-based business phones are popular because of their ability to grow with the businesses that they are working with. The ability to easily expand offered by cloud telephony makes sure that businesses can very easily add or decrease extensions and features easily. This makes sure that rapidly growing businesses will never have to worry about having to pay for cost prohibitive phone system upgrades.
  1. Company-wide Servicing in Charlotte and beyond – growing businesses with multiple locations must have a communications system that accommodates for these possible expansions. In the past, this would have meant having to manage many phone systems, often with many phone companies. Cloud-based business telephone systems have the technology that is needed to enable the management of multiple service locations and Mobile VoIP users in one phone system. This ultimately results in significant financial savings.

These five points are only a few of the benefits that businesses can expect from using Cloud based PBX systems. BroadConnect can show you how to use them for your business today.